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Gardenscapes Unlimited Coins and Shovel Save Game and Save Game Mod Apk

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Gardenscapes Unlimited Coins and Shovel Cheats

App name: Gardenscapes
Version: 1.9.0 (You can update the game after applied this hack)
Tool Used: Any Root File Manager

Save Game Info

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Shovel

Save Game Mod For Non-Rooted Devices:

1. Download "Assistant for Android" from Play Store & Open it. Go to Tools > Backup and Restore Find Gardenscapes & tap on the checkbox and then tap on Backup option at the bottom. apk file will be saved in "AndroidAssistant_appbackup" Folder.

2. Download ZipSigner from Play Store & open it. tap on "Choose In/Out" go to "AndroidAssistant_appbackup" Folder and select Gardenscapes xxxx_xx.apk then select "testkey' in "Key/Mod" Option and then tap on Sign the File.

3. Uninstall Gardenscapes from your phone

4. Download Save Game Extractor and install it & Open it & wail until the process completes it usually take less than a second then exit the application.

5. Go to "AndroidAssistant_appbackup" Folder & Install "Gardenscapes xxxx_xx - signed.apk"

6. Open Gardenscapes And Enjoy!!!

You can update the game after applied this hack but you have to manually grab latest version apk file and sign it using ZipSigner (available free on play store), use test key when signing the apk.

Save Game For Rooted Devices:

1. Download Gardenscapes save game & Extract it.

2. Open Root Explorer and copy the hacked files

3. Paste them in $/data/data and close root explore.

4. Open Gardenscapes And Enjoy!!!

Gardenscapes Hack screenshot save game no root androidhexzone

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